Nursing Continuing Education – The Cera A+ and the Importance

The Cera Award, which stands for certified nursing assistant award, is given to professional nursing students in recognition of their work in assisting both patients and medical practitioners. It is intended to honor the hard work that has been put forth by certified nursing assistants throughout the years. Students are tested on their knowledge of the medical field as well as the theoretical knowledge. They must also demonstrate a sense of compassion for students who need their help with academic work, physical therapy, patient care, or laboratory work. While there have been questions raised as to the actual value of the exam itself, those who study to pass it has provided strong arguments as to why the Cera is an important part of the CNA training process.

The Cera consists of two parts – the CNA exam and the CNA award. Both are necessary for certification. The exam, which can be taken online through Euan CMS, is broken up into two sections. One test involves multiple-choice questions, and the other tests both verbal and written communication skills. If a student can pass both sections, they will likely have passed the entire Cera test, making them eligible for CNA certification.

A Cera Award will only come with the highest grades possible. To get into one of the more prestigious programs such as the Red Cross, the Cera must achieve an average of at least 2.5 on the test. A student who fails the first time will probably not pass the second time either, and will be considered incomplete and drop out of the program. Drop outs are not only rare, but they happen frequently, and the Red Cross requires that students be able to pass the second time around in order to continue their membership.

The Cera also offers certificates for those students who manage to successfully complete the program and who meet the overall CNA requirements. These certificates, sometimes known as enlists or berets, often serve as a good credit by which to gain entry into the Red Cross health care program. After becoming a CNA, you will need to successfully complete a training course before qualifying for the CNA certificate. There are three different courses available: Health Care Management, Camp Counseling, and Practical Nurse Practitioner. Students will need to successfully complete these courses in order to take the Cera exam.

For those students who do not earn their Cera Certificate from the school or institute, there is an option available known as the Combination Course. In this option, the student earns the Cera award as well as the International Certificate for Nursing Practice and then applies it towards their RN license. This certification is accepted across the board by the various state health agencies and the United States Department of Health.

Of course, being a registered nurse gives you access to even more advanced programs and job opportunities and a lot more. Registered nurses may find employment in a hospital, in a rehabilitation center, or in private health care facilities, and on and off duty in the workforce. There are also areas such as adult daycare and day-care facilities, as well as schools, and nursing care homes that offer registered nursing programs. As you can see, the Cera Award has become a very valuable credential in the nursing world.

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